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Are You Ready to Go to the Spa

www.gotothespa.ie Press Release - 10th August 2019

What is your personal background, experience, and story as an entrepreneur, and how has it helped position you as a player in the spa industry?

Over the past 10 years as a nation there has been an explosion in the wellbeing market with more people looking to improve their health and wellbeing through a more natural and holistic approach. Not only that but Ireland is abundant with international tourists many seeking a wellbeing vacation package and we are blessed to offer some of Europe’s finest spas and hotels for this purpose.

Go to the Spa was inspired by Heidi Grimwood’s love and passion for the spa industry and all things digital. Working as a spa consultant she identified that many spas needed a louder voice online. Inspired to give spas their own voice and their own platform Heidi created a showcase of spa offerings with a geo targeted directory through interviews, promotions, product reviews, blogs, vlogs and much more.

Go to the Spa is a digital platform promoting spas and wellness breaks in Ireland, their treatments, health experiences, products, and yoga retreats.

Who your audience is – Who are you serving, what do they care about, what other types of businesses and products are they interested in?

We are targeting the female Millennial and Generation X demographic who have disposable income and who have an interest in Spas and Wellness. They are looking for the most effective ways to improve their health and manage their stress levels in the most natural way possible. They are interested in the latest wellness trends and the latest treatment packages and promotions.

What you do – What are your products, how are they made, what pain points do they solve?


Go to the Spa gives the most updated relevant information on what’s available in the industry with a focus on Spa Breaks, Well-being Weekends and Wellness Blogs. It’s a one stop shop loaded with information from each and every Irish Spa.

Gift Vouchers:

Go the Spa Gift Vouchers are available online and can be redeemed in multiple locations. One Gift Voucher can be part redeemed in one spa and part redeemed in another spa. This is ideal for those for who want to use their voucher in multiple locations.

Where you came from – What challenges or progress have you experienced along the way as your ecommerce business has evolved?

Heidi Grimwood has been working as a Spa Consultant since 2013. During that time she discovered most Spas she visited were not using Digital Marketing to its full advantage. Whether it was due to time restraints or lack of knowledge, Heidi decided to collate all of the information and make it available on one platform rather than marketing individual businesses. The user experience has changed very much over the last few years, with a serious reduction in their attention span online. The demand for absorbing information from multiple channels including high resolution imagery, videos, blog posts and exclusive promotions is never-ending. As such it’s always a challenge to product a constant flow of engaging content to ensure the customer comes back.

Where you’re going – What are your goals for your business, where do you want to take it?

Our goal is to be the number 1 platform in Ireland for Spas and Wellness Breaks where our customers can get real time up-to-date information on what, where and when it’s happening. We want Go to the Spa Gift Vouchers to be the number one choice when consumers are purchasing gifts.

Why it matters?

We’re trying to make it easier for consumers to decide on and choose which Spa Treatment, Spa Package or Wellbeing Break is the best for them. By having the most up-to-date information available in one place at the click of a button, we simplify the process for consumers.

What makes you and your products different – Who are the other players in your space, and what makes you and your products stand out?

As International Spa Consultants, we are actively working in the Spa industry every single day. Working onsite with Spa Professionals, we understand the needs of the Spa Owner and the Spa Consumer, this is what we do all day every day. Our blogs and vlogs are written from our own experience as a Consumer and as an Industry Professional which perfectly positions us to answer the key consumer questions.

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